Ross Gibson

Ross Gibson

iOS Engineer & Graphic Designer

Founder of Awarai Studios & Head of iOS Development at Triggertrap, with + years experience as an iOS Engineer and a Physics degree from the University of Bristol. Ross is an avid tech user, motocross rider, artist and dog lover.

Currently hacking away with Sketch Mate. Stay tuned.

You can contact me via rossgibson at the domain name


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Making A Good First Impression. Turning app downloads into users.

The iOS App Store has over one million apps, so it’s no surprise developers focus on making their app stand out from the crowd. But, what use is all the work if the app only gets downloaded to sit on the home screen for a while, forgotten about, and then deleted? Read more...

Slack. One year on, what have we learned?

At Triggertrap we’ve been using Slack since the beta release and we believe it’s unlocked huge potential for our team. Along the way we’ve learned a few things to help us get the most out of an awesome tool. Read more...

Open Source


Simplifies adding In App Purchases to iOS applications. Create a Banker, set its delegate and pass an array of your In App Purchase products to it, easy! The Banker handles the rest including storing the transactions and handling errors. Learn more...


A custom circular UIButton which has a progress border indicator. It is designed to animate an array of images while indicating the progress. You can set the speed of the image animation and change the appearance of the button. Learn more...


A custom UIView that acts as a horizontal value picker. It is designed to scale depending on the size of the view and accepts values from plists. You can change the font, gradient start/end color, horizontal and vertical line colors and gradient direction. Learn more...